Help to identify replacement ceiling tiles

Please have a look through our categories on our site where we have many of the most widely used replacement ceiling tiles.

Suspended ceiling tiles can be quite tricky to identify at times (even for the experienced!), with some manufacturers putting little information (even none) onto the tile, and various tiles by different manufacturers looking very similar.  At Suspended Ceiling Shop we have a good record of identifying replacement ceiling tiles and if for any reason your tile is currently unavailable we will recommend the closest match, either visually or with regards to any material properties it may have.

Steps to help us identify a tile:

**  The easiest way to try and identify a tile is usually to remove one of the tiles and see if there is a code or reference on the back of the tile, in some circumstances there may not be but this code will give the best chance of identifying a tile.**

If you cannot find the tile you require on our site, please have a read through and look at the information (and examples) below and provide with as many details as you can by email ( from:

  • Pictures of the face and rear of the tile.
  • Any details from the back of the tile.
  • Any information from left over boxes of tiles.
  • What size are the tiles (actual tile measurements).
  • What kind of edge do your tiles have.
  • What is the width of the grid.
  • A brief description if the tile if images are unavailable.
  • Then please don't forget to tell us; how many you need, the delivery location and your contact details.

If you can't identify your tile from the images on our site then please do email us ( with as many of the following details as possible:

Can you send us a picture - Are you able to send us some pictures of the tile you need replacing?  If you are, the pictures that give us the best chance of identifying a tile are clear, in focus, and show the tile as a whole and also a relatively close up picture of the face (a clear one of these is usually most important), in focus, showing any fine details.  Usually a good quality picture will allow us to ascertain many of the below details but including them will allow us the best chance of ensuring a match.  Below are examples of images that we have received (at full size they show a clear pattern to the face at distance and also a clear close up image of the face):

Are there any details on the back of the tile?  Manufacturers (Armstrong for example) will usually print onto the back of the tile with a unique product code, unforutnately some brands just print manufacturing codes onto the back which don't help identify the tile.  If your tile has anything written on the back please let us know all of the information and we'll do our best to find out if it has any meaning.  Below are some examples of the back of tiles:

We can start the identification of this Rockfon tile from learning it was manufactured by Rockfon and the code can sometimes be used to identify the actual tile.

This tile can now be identified as being by Armstrong and being the now discontinued tile Sahara.

Do you have any spare boxes of these tiles anywhere?  Sometimes there will be an odd box lying around in a store cupboard which could be used to identify the tiles (there should be a label on the side of the box saying what they are).  Below we have an example of the image from a box of Armstrong Tatra board ceiling tiles.

Please let us know the following:

  • What size are the tiles?  The actual tile measurements will usually be 595mm x 595mm or 1195mm x 595mm (which are more commonly known as 600x600 or 1200x600) tiles.  We could also do with knowing the depth of the tiles.
  • What edge detail are  your tiles?  The edge detail will normally be either square or rebated (you can find a little bit more information about the edge details of tiles here).
  • What size (width) is the grid?  What is the width of the white face of the grid that you can see when looking up at the ceiling from the floor?  It will either be 15mm or 24mm.
  • Could you provide a brief description of the tile if you cannot provide a picture (we realise that this is difficult!).

Once you've collected all of the above please don't forget to tell us:

  • How many replacement tiles you need.
  • Where they will be going.
  • Your contact details.
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