Board, Microlook or Tegular? Which is which?

This is part of a series of blog posts that we will be writing about some of the finer details of suspended ceilings and ceiling tiles available on our site.  We’ve written a post about cutting ceiling tiles and also about whether you should paint ceiling tiles.

99% of the tiles that we sell can be covered with the following three edge details:

Corner picture of square edge Fine Fissured board
Board / Square Edge tile detail

Board / which is a square edge tile where the tiles sit on the t-bar of the ceiling grid.  Theses square edge tiles measure 595mm x 595mm or 1195mm x 595mm.





A Fine Fissured tegular edge ceiling tile
Tegular edge detail of a tile

Tegular / which is a tile with a rebated edge where the rebated edges of the tiles sit on the t-bar of the grid and the main face of the tile hangs slightly below the level of the grid.  It is designed to be compatible with a 24mm grid system.  The face of the tile, that sits through the grid has a measurement of 575mm x 575mm.




Corner of Microlook ceiling tile
Microlook edge detail on a ceiling tile

Microlook / which is very similar edge detail to Tegular, however its rebate is slightly smaller because it is designed to be used with a narrower, 15mm grid.  The face of the tile that sits through the grid measures 585mm x 585mm





How do I know if I’m using a 24mm or  a 15mm grid system?  15mm and 24mm refers to the width of the face of the grid that is being used.  So if you’re stood on the floor, looking up at the ceiling, it is the width of the visible white face of the grid.

Here are a few images that show you examples of Board, Tegular and Microlook edge details and will hopefully help explain the situation:

image showing square edge, or, board, edge detail on a suspended ceiling tile
Board / Square Edge Detail

Our Board / Square edge tiles can be found here.

Image showing Tegular and Microlook edge details on a suspended ceiling tile
Tegular and Microlook Edge Detail


As you can see from the above images, Tegular edge tiles are used with 24mm grid and Microlook with 15mm grid.  You can find out more about the Microlook and Tegular edge tiles that we sell here.

Are you looking for a particular edge detail?  You can look at all of our stock tiles with varying edge details by selecting the relevant category on our site.  Simply click on the relevant category to browse all tiles that particular edge detail.  Below a screen shot highlighting the various categories (these links are also underneath each of the images above):

image showing the category options for edge details

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Thanks for reading I hope that this page was useful to you.