Armstrong Humiguard Guarantee

The Armstrong Dune Supreme tiles come with an Armstrong Humiguard Guarantee, which you can see below.  This guarantee upgrades the Dune tiles to be able to be used in higher humidity environments, standard Armstrong ceiling tiles are only designed to be used in areas within a normal occupancy condition range of 15 to 35°C and maximum 70%RH, the guarantee increases these ranges to 0 to 40°C and maximum 99%RH (all as detailed below).  This guarantee is for the Armstrong Dune Supreme and Dune Max range of tiles.  If you require Armstrong Dune Supreme Board, Tegular Dune or Microlook Dune they are available by clicking on their respective links, if you require Dune Max please email us – – and we will order it in for you on our next delivery.


DUNE MAX 99%RH (Humiguard)

Armstrong guarantees the Armstrong Dune Supreme 99%RH and Dune Max 99%RH Humiguard products (“the material”) sold by it shall be free from manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship for the lifetime of the building into which it is installed subject to the conditions set out below.

This guarantee only applies when all the ceiling components including Trulok grid are Armstrong vended products.

A. Prior to installation, the material must be stored in a dry and clean environment that is enclosed and protected from the elements (i.e. rain, snow or other causes of excessive moisture).

B. The material must be installed in accordance with all applicable Armstrong specifications and published recommendations in effect at the time of installation.

C. During installation it is not necessary for the area to be enclosed or for HVAC systems to be functioning, however, all wet work (plastering, concrete, etc.) must be complete and dry with adequate ventilation provided. During such installations the material shall not be exposed to abnormal conditions, namely:

  • humidity in excess of 99%RH; chemical fumes requiring personal protection; vibrations; presence of standing water; moisture coming into direct contact with the ceiling (such as could result from building leaks or condensation); or temperatures at or below 0ºC or above 40ºC. These products cannot be used in external applications.

D. Following practical completion the material must not be subject to abnormal conditions (as described in C.). The material can remain in situ within unoccupied buildings without HVAC systems operating, providing that conditions in the ceiling plenum are equalised with those in the room.

E. The material must not bear the weight of any unauthorised loads.

F. This guarantee does not apply to material subjected to abnormal wear and tear, dilapidation or abuse and does not cover discolouration of the material such as occurs due to UV exposure or pattern staining as a result of the installation environment.  Where appropriate the correct tools must be used to uninstall the material. Should the material show defects, Armstrong must be advised in writing within thirty (30) days after such defect was first observed. Where Armstrong confirms such failure, Armstrong will at it’s expense, deliver to the site new material of the same type and grade in an amount equal to that which has been agreed.  If replacement material is unavailable, alternative product selected by Armstrong will be supplied.  The delivery of such material shall constitute the total liability of Armstrong in respect of the defective material. Armstrong so far as the applicable law permits shall not be responsible for any installation or replacement costs or for incidental or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever and all other warranties or guarantees expressed or implied including any provision that the material is merchantable or fit for a particular purpose are hereby excluded.

NB: Guarantee refers to UK manufactured ‘Humiguard’ products only. (Dune Supreme and Dune Max).

The original Armstrong Guarantee page can be found here.

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