Coloured ceiling tiles, introducing Rockfon Color-all.

Rockfon Color-all has recently launched and now offers a wide range of coloured ceiling tiles, 34 colours in all, for their acoustic ceilings; they’re a great way to liven up an area or help create a required ambience (either by installing them throughout the whole ceiling area or just in a specific or random design).

If you would like a price of some further information on Rockfon Color-all please email us – – or fill out our contact form.

Rockfon Color-all pictureRockfon Color-all offer all the well known high performance benefits of Rockfon tiles; Class A sound absorption (the same as Rockfon Alaska), fantastic reaction to fire (A1 and A2-a1,d0), they are fully recyclable and are up to 100% humidity resistant. ¬†They also come with the standard selection of edge details, ensuring they can be matched seamlessly with other standard tiles, and is a selection of sizes (most commonly 600×600 and 1200×600)

Rockfon Color-all imageThe wide range of colours, from very subtle tones to bright bold colours, been grouped into 6 different themes of colour; CityTones, Natural Tones, Sensorial Tones, Energetic Tones, Precious Tones and Sophisticated.  These different groups of colours have been designed to allow these coloured ceiling tiles to be installed into a wide ranging set of environments such as offices, educational areas, health and leisure complexes, retail, hotel or restaurant spaces.

If you’d like to see the coloured ceiling tiles that are available in the Rockfon Color-all range we have the colour range section of the Color-all brochure here, the official Rockfon page is here, and an official Rockfon video is just below.

Rockfon Color-all imageIf you would like further information on the Rockfon Color-all range of coloured ceiling tiles please send us an email – or fill out our contact form, detailing a some of your requirements and we’ll arrange some information for you.


P.s. We would also like to note that we have recently updated the product urls for our Microlook Dune tiles and our Tegular Tatra tiles.