Suspended Ceiling Shop join the social world!

Just a quick post today just to announce the launch of Suspended Ceiling Shop‘s social media profiles.  We’ve been meaning to create profiles on the larger social sites since we launched but we’ve been so busy selling tiles that we just haven’t got around to doing so!

Well after a few evenings of joining various sites we can finally announce that we’re live on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and we’ve also got a brand new Google+ page!  So without further ado – make sure that you come and join us:

Suspended Ceiling Shop on Twitter.

Suspended Ceiling Shop on Facebook.

Suspended Ceiling Shop on Google+.

Suspended Ceiling Shop on LinkedIn.

Also, as we’re linking to pages, here is Suspended Ceiling Shop‘s TrustPilot review page where we have been lucky enough to have some kind people review our services when we trialled the service for a month in December.  We think that we might carry on with the service in the future, what do you think?

Thanks for reading,  Barny.

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