Which suspended ceiling anchor should you use?

What we have put together here are a few examples of the different types of ceiling anchor that are available and on the market for use with suspended ceilings.  We’ve chosen some of the most wide spread fixings in use and the situation in which they are used.

**Please be aware that if you are not sure about the correct fixing to use – you should contact an interior specialist.  You can contact us here if you have any queries and if we can help you we will.**

Concrete knock in fixings.

  • These are metal anchors that are used when hanging from concrete.  Depending upon the brand of anchor a drill bit between 5.5mm and 6.5mm diameter is used to drill a hole, then a concrete anchor is knocked into the hole.  The claw of the hammer is then used to pull the anchor back out of the hole to ‘lock’ it in place.
  • When drilling the hole it is important to ensure that a neat, clean hole is drilled without causing any damage to the outerside of the hole because this causes a reduction in the anchors loadbearing capability
  • Strained wire is then attached to this anchor and the ceiling hung from it.

Metal purlin clips.

  • Metal purlin clips are used when hanging from metal purlins.  They clip on to the purlin and are then pulled with a pair of pliers to ‘lock’ them into place.
  • Wire is then looped through the hole and securely tied off.

Angle brackets – Used for timber or metal.

  • Angle brackets are used in conjunction with tek screws or wood screws.  2No. wood screws or tek screws are used to fix to timber joists or metal.  Wire is then fed through the bottom hole of the angle bracket.

Wedge Nuts – Used with profiled metal sheeting.

  • Wedge nuts are used when a profiled concrete sheeting is used and they are combined with bolts and angle brackets.  They are placed into the profiled sheeting, turned through 90 degrees and have a bolt fixed up through the angle bracket and then through the wedge nut.  As they are tightened they lock into place and then the angle bracket can be used an anchor point.

When you have fixed a ceiling anchor in place then the strained wire must be fed through the hole in the anchor and securely tied off.  It is important that the wire is properly strained and tightly looped in order to create a strong, tight anchor with which to support the ceiling.

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